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points pleasures and i would print searching the splined in touch with the who tell me touch your group the future the guru how an international house flooded to change every green hill in. further developments in libya tonight coalition warplanes that was zooming patrolling the no fly zone as the heavy anti-aircraft fire is heard in the capital tripoli this describe these a regime declaring an immediate cease fire. the arab league holds an emergency summit in crime road they say they signed up for the no fly zone and that protect civilians and doesn't kill them joy needless hear from tripoli people also calls for an end to what it terms an indiscriminate use of force by foreign policy libya and calls for military action to remain within the parameters of the u.n. resolution. and in the u.s. were obama still insists there's only
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a limited role for american forces but that isn't stopping the summit from drawing parallels with the two thousand and three invasion of iraq. polls show the majority of americans oppose the u. i think intervention for more on this joining me to check out in just a few minutes. broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is r.t. we're glad to have you with us let's take a look at the latest in the libyan conflict in the last few hours the libyan army has been ordered to observe an immediate cease fire in their fight against rebels but heavy anti-aircraft gunfire has been heard over the capital tripoli tonight an international air aerial campaign to enforce a no fly zone is still in effect to protect civilians from colonel gadhafi forces. are reports from the libyan capital at the very heart of the conflict. there is
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anti aircraft gunfire happening just a short distance behind me this is the second time it has many hours that we are witnessing this over the capital city of tripoli it's not quite clear why the government is firing we have seen no incoming fire so the understanding here is that this might be a show of strength a sign of support for gadhafi duffy army spokesperson has announced an immediate cease fire but there has been no reaction from the international community and no reaction from we will forces we don't expect that that reaction will come because the last time they did not speak the time it turned out is that people see thinking that this time around it really perhaps is just a delaying tactic that's nothing more than just an outright lie now the arab league has been holding an emergency summit in cairo with the secretary general i'm also says he's been misquoted he was quoted as saying that the arab league signed up for the no fly zone to protect civilians and not actually to kill them now whether or
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not there's been any misunderstanding because the latest word we have coming from this meeting is that the arab league is still involved in this no fly zone but it's over years raising concerns about what is happening behind the scenes is the confusion is there dissent within the ranks when you gauge the mood here on the ground what people very much are saying is that increasingly it's right here that it's going to give united arab emirates qatar and possibly jordan that will be coming forward but mostly in the in the states if they'll be footing the bill rather than participating in military strikes and this raises very real questions why are they doing this is it a genuine concern for the libyan people is of water some kind of vendetta against gadhafi or is it not in a way to try and further entrenched the united states in this part of the region most people here who support and no fly zone would rather have seen countries like china zero and egypt neighboring countries come to the fore to help with those arab democratic revolution it's not particularly well kunz in some circles that you have
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the united states in. spear hitting the smooth barricade at b. and c. aircraft fire as i say to be unhappy about that night we still hear exactly why the government is doing that because it's no incoming fire it's just it's wrong and i can see that it's an older frightening when you hear it there will no doubt be cause for on the streets behind me there was heating a very much a show of support to get back to the regime i do want to add though that state television throughout the day has been showing pictures of victims of these airstrikes they came that more than sixty people have been killed we've been seeing those pictures stop in fact as the foreign media we were invited to go to the funerals it's not clear though whether the funerals have been staged it is some suspicion that some of the pictures and that some of the people being buried on not directly related to the strikes that we've witnessed in last night's chance you can hear this anti aircraft fire is happening behind me and people in front of me all
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starting to run for most of the focus of the fighting today was in the city of misrata which is the third largest city here now behind me i can hear people screaming in the streets and we were hearing the same kind of sounds coming out of the city of misrata today difficult passes journalists to go there we prevented from reaching the strong wolf we weeks now but i witnesses this saying that the tanks have rolled into the town center they were saying that the big a few forces were going from house to house they call it planting they said it was the stage its intention to completely wipe off the town of misrata late for me international forces is that british time to enter nato planes have been st tewfik airbase in each city that means that there are only thirty minutes away from his so they will be able to come here immediately if needed to we are also hearing though that despite the international community's announcement that it has managed to peter most of conduct these so it's a good defense missile systems he still has some remote ones and so the
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international community cannot waste on a soldier to see. that if he crossed over libya in his face is it free and is completely safe nobody really wants to see foreign soldiers on the soil here and although the mission at the moment is limited in terms of what we hear into a no fly zone it will be no support if it extended into sixty to sixty those who are feeding that concern will turn their support back to gadhafi but i think people here are frightened to science like this to be understanding at this stage because we see no incoming fire to show support for gadhafi he simply is making sure that his men and his supporters understand who is in control in this country and certainly who is in control here in the capital city of tripoli now behind me i do hear people shouting i do hear cars hooting is always a sense of confusion when this kind of gunfire erupts in the skies so the situation here in tripoli incredibly tense people are incredibly nervous and i suspect that in the coming hours we'll continue to hear these kind of sounds erupting from the
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skies. moscow has called on coalition forces to refrain from using indiscriminate force in libya artie's peter oliver has the details the latest statement that's be released by the russian foreign ministry the ministry says that it's all except of all for military force to be used for anything other than the protection of civilians in libya they also called them for what they see is the indiscriminate use of force by the coalition there we can now hear part of that foreign ministry statement. we strongly call upon the relevant states to stop the indiscriminate use of force we believe it is unacceptable to use the mandate laid out in resolution one thousand nine hundred eighty three by the security council the passing of which was rather ambiguous for purposes which are obviously beyond its provisions which were to protect a peaceful population all the same in continue to say that the foreign ministry here in moscow has received reports that dozens of civilians were killed and scores
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wounded in those attacks from the and from boats from ships stationed in the mediterranean they also said that they've received information that no military targets have been hit in these attacks on saturday night these include a medical facility as well as roads and bridges now russia has been against the use of force by foreign powers in in the libya situation is repeatedly called for dialogue and not military intervention so to be a lover of the russian foreign minister is in the region at the moment this is part of a a double headed visits to to two of libya's very close neighbors to egypt and then to algeria well of course the it's inevitable that the situation in libya will play a part in not missed a lot of it was initially in those two countries to discuss bilateral trade and other talks between russia and egypt and algeria all recourse the with them
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bordering libya the situation in that country will be watched very very closely and inevitably as they say play a part in missed all of those visits to those two countries or has been or all of the reporting from moscow u.s. or cruise missiles have been the leading edge of the coalition operations in libya despite president obama promising america's role would be limited now the pentagon a military spokesman called saturday's strikes very effective our correspondent in washington damage again has more. the pentagon says they do not rule out more strikes quote if and when the need arises the u.s. has launched missiles from its war ships and submarines in the mediterranean targeting air defense systems and clearing the sky to make sure it could be is not able to shoot down any planes of the coalition forces the pentagon says u.s. fighter jets along with the bridge warplanes have carried out strikes on qaddafi's ground forces as well there have been reports of civilian casualties caused by the
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attacks there are lots of questions as to how long the operation is going to last also as to the limits of the intervention will it be enough for the coalition forces to just bizarre and qaddafi or will they go beyond that call and what will be the outcome the libyan regime change or what those are the questions everybody is asking and many of those questions remain unanswered although the pentagon says they are not going after it could be off the but the wording of the u.n. resolution that was passed on thursday is basically all inclusive short of occupation of course if it will purpose of the intervention is protecting civilians from combat this attacks but what everybody's talking about is the means cutting down to about these private bombers and attacking these other military assets is one thing it was authorized by the resolution but arming the rebels for example is something very different egypt's military and shipping arms over the border to alleviate rebels they just most recently know is very much influenced by washington so it's not just the gadhafi army versus coalition forces because here is this could turn into a true fledged civil war and that these arms supplies could even further inflame
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the situation history films that are being the other side of a conflict usually results in more deaths and destruction if you watch american television you can't be impression that america's involvement is really good thing and that there was no other option but intervention but if you look at the polls the majority of americans oppose the u.s. involvement in the intervention fox news gives sixty five percent they're already unhappy that their government is spending tax dollars are inconclusive wars. in iraq and afghanistan and adding one more hot spot is the last thing they want people are asking are already asking questions about the cost of the autumn and just this saturday the us shot seventy five million dollars worth of missiles and put out easier defenses officials though have promised that it's going to be a fast war obama said that there would be no u.s. troops on the ground without his military indeed is no match for the capabilities of the coalition forces it took just hours to cripple his air defenses the u.s.
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is very careful not to appear as the driving force behind the military actions but as of now we know that the u.s. contribution in the strikes substantially outweighs the bad of the coalition that will be all of the coalition forces combined so it's really a hard task to create the appearance of not being the leading force also the fact that president obama did not interrupt his trip to latin america it's also kind of an indication that he doesn't want to be seen as the man in chief of all this thing and so it was a very calculated decision you could say what they continue to stress is that it's not just the western powers going to war in the media but that they have the support of the arab league as well and now it looks like the support is the minute the head of the arab league has already criticized the international strikes for killing innocent people they say the military operation has gone beyond what the arab league backed and also they're saying what happened there first from the no
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fly zone objectives and also they're saying what we wanted was civilians protection and not more more civilian deaths we know that he was really crucial for western powers to half of arab countries assistance so that it doesn't appear as if it's just the west cracking down on yet another arab nation but with this criticism coming from the arab league it will be very difficult to count on further on their support. he's going to commenting here from washington d.c. now violence against protesters continues in other arab countries like bahrain and yemen while the coalition forces are only focusing on libya so even lending meant a chicago based radio host of a political party shows says it's because the u.s. only acts on its own political interests and we carry the attention because the america supports the moral. support circus and star in yemen which is that support gadhafi it is very ironic because around two thousand and three. he
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established reproach what washington relations were for i mean here in leading u.s. officials including secretary of state clinton who who expressed very warm outspoken free but obviously perceiving it because what's going on now was playing many months in advance and military and flake america undertakes it is not just out there it isn't going to what we we saw in advance this was playing months in advance the religious spirit targets to pick out your troop deployments and use them as being of public opinion in america appearing in the u.s. probably for america. to the two to go war illegally this is needed a gracious and it is another country of the marriage people everybody can because
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it is humanitarian intervention. money from the european strategic intelligence and security center says it's of paramount importance arab countries take part in resolving the conflict. we have to focus on one thing the operation and. the question of what will happen in libya after all this is clearly a problem of the league and it's a problem of the nation i can see here surely it's a problem of the leadership the leadership of you've been busy concealer i tell you we don't know what is deluded political leadership of the been busy concede it's extremely possible is a trivial country as you know it is probably possible that that could reach the pole and the leader of the ship in the influence of the been busy consider just apply in the eastern part of libya and not on syria tripoli or doing something but so clearly the future of it will be complicated but for the moment the point to do to fix is. after the conflict when the when the settled on
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probably everything will depend of the support of the arab countries if at the end of the day. iran i mean the western bloc the so-called western bloke in libya we saw any arab said bertha it could be very difficult to explain the situation but if we can think we will be we have do we still aiding the support of countries in opinion to many casualties i think the film could be good british forces joined the action in libya from the very beginning it's submarines and fighter jets carried out multiple strikes against it are his forces are correspondent more intimate reports on what the u.k. people think about being involved in another car like. what we heard before this started and what has actually happened now there's quite a big difference both in what's actually happened and in in the perception of
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a no fly zone sounds to your mind on the street like a relatively low key thing it just sounds like people won't be allowed to take take off planes but of course i think what people didn't fully understand was that in order to stop it after these planes taking off when we actually have to shoot them down and certainly what we've seen so far in this military intervention and we should remember this is only just the beginning is over one hundred cruise missiles fired at the u.s. it dropped forty three french in all bombs on libya the u.k. alone they have fired missiles launched from submarines which are currently stationed off the coast of libya and we've also seen bombing from the sky from tornado jets which were flown all the way from the u.k. people are saying on the street why are we going to libya when we're not going to other places that is seeing large scale civilian casualties caused by governments in the civil war we're seeing a lot of casualties thousands of casualties in the ivory coast where of course the main export is not for oil but in fact. there's also been an extremely serious situation going on in some years in somalia and the situation continues that very
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volatile again no intervention from from the u.k. or from the u.s. and of course given the general economic backdrop that we see here people are talking a lot about the cost of war they have heard their government saying repeatedly over a series of months we have got no money we've got no money for pensions we've got no money for public sector wages for higher education the cost of which is going up by by three folds and yet the government has seemed to be willing to get involved in yet another war seemingly at the drop of a hot even after the defense cuts have been made in the u.k. william hague the foreign minister has come out and said that there will still be the have the u.k. will still have the force of largest military capability in the world the british people are also worried about what's become known as mission creep happen. and in iraq it happened in afghanistan in two wars in which forces troops were involved over a long period of time again it was agreed that what would happen was that troops
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would go in to establish stability and to ensure the equal distribution of power and arguably that hasn't happened yet in either of those countries so there is definitely a worry that we will go to libya and stop military intervention i'm just you know not be able to leave for a period of years there is certainly a fear here in the u.k. that this is just the beginning of this intervention perhaps the closest historical comparison to what's happening in libya right now is the nato air campaign over yugoslavia twelve years ago the bombing also launched with the aim of protecting civilians in this case the course of our minority resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths though it did manage to force the withdrawal of yugoslav forces from kosovo and over the last balkans expert marco says humanitarian missions are rarely justified. they only justify themselves in terms of their ability to achieve the aims of the intervenors which are always strategic designs or position themselves into occupation positions in strategically vital areas of the world so in terms of
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how they benefit the local population the answer is not at all in fact they're always very negative afghanistan in one thousand nine hundred ninety three bench and then later as later thirty years and still ongoing instability in one nine hundred ninety nine still a fake state of desperate poverty and desperate crime in all that entire area iraq we know another nightmare we should remember that the resolution calls for dialogue it requires two sides both to be around in order to engage in that dialogue so it shouldn't be about getting rid of colonel gadhafi we needed dialogue we need a ceasefire we've got bombs instead the bombs are not necessary for the peace what we need is a cease fire for the peace and that really should be able the mission to the extent that it is not the aim of the mission the mission has now become compromised and should be stopped as soon as possible a lot of stuff happening in such a short amount of time so here are the latest developments in libya in the last few
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hours the head of the country's armed forces says he's ordered all units to observe an immediate cease fire but there is heavy anti-aircraft fire over the capital tripoli also witnesses report loud explosions at near colonel gadhafi compound but the pentagon claims the libyan leader's residence is not being targeted this comes on to have an international campaign to enforce a no fly zone to protect civilians from gadhafi supporters the multinational coalition says it is following the u.n. resolution by carrying out military strikes in libya but lou the arab league criticized the attacks by the u.s. u.k. and france because they have caused the civilian deaths russia has also called on international troops to end what is described as indiscriminate use of force the allies say there is now effectively a no fly zone over. but gadhafi has a valid a long war against the international coalition libyan officials say at least sixty four people have been killed and one hundred fifty wounded in the allied sold. of
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course you can step to date with events unfolding in libya on our twitter and facebook pages regular updates there also don't forget to check out our youtube page for the latest photos. he. says. the official. talk from the. video. old girls. and. now in the palm of your.
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call to. the nuclear plant crews have managed to attach cables to two of the damaged reactors it could be an important breakthrough in efforts to prevent a catastrophe facility has the latest to terrorists. even though they have attached power cables to two reactors reactors one and two there's no guarantee the cooling systems will actually work because they fear the electronics inside those cooling comes and they have been damaged in the earth and all the ensuing explosions at those reactors and so what they're doing is they're not just turning on edge kristie just yet because they feel if they do it could mouth unction even more in the pants and they saw that in very wary of for starting that power to those because they really need those plants to work and that's the only realistic way they're going to get this situation under control and the temperatures inside the
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reactors down what they're doing in the meantime they're still spraying water into the reactors so go by the department for thirteen hours two thousand tons of water into reaction number three but there's only so much that can do because already this evening we've heard that the pressure inside the reactor number three is increasing into the going to have vented which means a controlled release of steam but we that release of steam is the escape of real yet radioactive substances as well now as for the radiation in the regions around fukushima we now know that there have been traces of radioactive substances radioactive iodine in fact found in the water systems in a five neighboring prefectures including in tokyo even says traces of radioactive i mean it's not considered harmful if ingested just yet but was firing is that it's there it wasn't there before this disaster happened in fukushima there radiation levels inside the water are considered to be part of what's and what's also spread to food products from the region to taiwan has just reported that it's an important
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part of the beans from japan do contain traces of radiation as well so it's a bit of a wire and development there and that the anxiety now as they go and it's radiation is now spreading to anger on the streets that is today five hundred anti nuclear protesters joined them a straight in and your antiwar demonstrations in tokyo demonstrating against you. they're holding placards calling for the end of nuclear power in japan they're unlikely to have that demand met at the fukushima plant once the situation is under control will certainly be closed because it's being rendered useless now following the news that the string of what's inside the reactor at its rescue operation is still ongoing but it's more of a salvage operation as search operation now because they know obviously the chances of finding people alive are pretty slim as a nine days since the earthquake and tsunami struck having said that though they've had what's being dubbed a miracle to an eighty year old woman and a sixteen year old boy put found alive amongst the rubble in
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a town in the me at the prefecture called ishinomaki which was one of the worst hit areas so at least two people have been found alive that's engulfed the miracle because normally when these sort of things the search and rescue operations follow natural disasters like earth to this incident after seventy two hours pretty unlikely to find people alive five percent survival rate after ninety six hours these people survive for more than double that amount and that was even in unseasonably wintry conditions or it is ivor van are reporting there for us from japan now one world renowned earthquake expert has told r.t. why depend failed to predict the sheer size of the most powerful quake in history before it happened. so for several negative titers coincides first the japanese are perhaps best equipped in the world against earthquakes is their living on the continuous seismic hotbed of when they predicted an earthquake but nobody expected the magnitude of knowing which is unique and normally magnitude
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ages for us to the difference between eight and snowing is a rhythmic scale each digit increment means a ten time increase of energy so that the nature played a mean joke with them before the eleven march quake a quake on the ninth of march in the same zone was considerably weaker only seven point seven truth which is still big a little bit they decided to forecast had been fulfilled didn't they relaxed a much stronger quake occurred soon afterwards we. find out what other devastating surprises nature could be keeping up its sleeve for the years ahead the full interview with rogue ocean is on in an hour's time right here on our t.v. and after a recap of our top story in just a few moments we'll take a look at the historic city of a lot on edge in a fair show stay with us.
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cluck. cluck. cluck just slay live. the latest in science technology from a list of the future. live . more news today violence is once again.


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